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We need everyone around the globe to work with us to realize the video for our next single
All The People‘. Any age, any color, any location: we need it all! Do you have-, or know someone with a camera or phone with which you can film in HD, this is what you can do to be a part of the project:

– find a location in your area that is typical for your environment (think about nature, famous buildings or other landmarks).
– sing along with the chorus of ‘All The People’ and have someone film you. Make sure you can see the surroundings.
– Use camera settings 16:9 (widescreen) and film in HD. The higher the quality the bigger the chance we’ll use it.
– download the part you need to sing HERE
– upload the video on to email address, before May 15th.
– Any questions? Don’t hesitate to send an email to!

If your parents, grandparents, neighbours, or whoever want to be part of it too, they are more than welcome. The more different people, the better! Keep in mind that we can only use individual shots, so don’t film more that one person singing at a time. Find a different location and follow the same steps given above.

Let’s make this a video to show the world that we are proud of each other!

All the people
Awake or dreaming
Now it’s real
The things I’m seeking
All the people
Keep me dreaming
If they don’t see you
The way I’m seeing you

* Out of all the submissions, we will make a selection of footage that we’ll use for the video. By sending in your submission, you agree that we are allowed to use the footage in our music video. Though we can’t give any guarantees, we appreciate every effort! *


  1. Voor wanneer moet het filmpje worden ingezonden?

  2. If you send in your submission before May 10th, you’ll be fine!

    Als je je inzending instuurt voor 10 mei dan komt het wel goed!

  3. Superstoer! Maar moet je echt zingen of is playbacken ook genoeg, ik weet namelijk niet of het verstandig is de hele wereld van mijn zangkunsten te laten ‘genieten’. Daarbij heb ik geen idee of mijn camera in HD kan filmen xD

  4. You don’t have to sing, you can lip sync. HD is absolutely necessary, so otherwise try to borrow a cam or phone of a friend! :)

    Je hoeft niet te zingen, je mag gewoon playbacken. Het is wel noodzakelijk om in HD te filmen, dus anders moet je even een telefoon of camera lenen van een vriend of vriendin!

  5. )ok im moroccan boy and i can help you destine

  6. Hey Issam, that would be great! Do you need extra explanations or is everything clear to you?

  7. Als je filmpje word gebruikt krijg je dat dan te horen en zoja wanneer?

  8. Do you have to send only one? or can we send two or three? with different surroundings and stuff.

  9. @Daisy Laurens is in Gambia, Africa right now filming for the music video. He will pick this up when he is back. :)
    @Destine Norway, you can send as much as you want, if they’re with different surroundings. Thanks!

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