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Today is my third day of filming for the video for our upcoming single ‘All The People’. I flew to Gambia to film people, surroundings and other shots that contribute to the meaning of the song. I like songs that can be interpretated in different ways, and I think our songs more or less have that aspect to them. I usually find myself with my eyes closed listening to the song over and over as I am trying to put my thoughts for a video on paper.

I woke up today in the five star hotel I’m staying at. I didn’t sleep well because I was attacked by mosquitos all night (just like every other night), and if they were not buzzing around me to keep me from sleeping, the frogs outside gathered an immense choir to do the job. It’s a shame that I only sleep at the hotel and not really get to enjoy every luxury it has to offer. It is a shallow oasis in a desert of poverty and unbelievable inhuman circumstances. When I arrived here on Friday evening, I had the feeling that this was not the Africa that I was about to discover. And I was right.

Before flying to The Gambia, I had contact with Denis. A man from Holland who gave up his perfect Dutch life to help people here who need it the most in the world. He is a doctor and he moved over here to start a health center in a remote village about an hour South of where I am staying (Banjul). The story he told me triggered us to make a video that shows how important it is to take care of each other. I have seen some shocking things here, even though I have been here for only three days. I met a little boy who was gathering things he could use on a massive waste disposal site. The little man was eight years old. Things like that are painful to see even on television, but unfortunately this time I coundn’t change the channel. What also stikes me is the way people here help one another. Even though they hardly have anything to spend, they share everything they have. Heart warming to see from the people that earn as much as twice what I have to pay for a meal at the hotel restaurant.

This may sound cliche, but I think it is good to take a moment every once in a while to think how good life is. We are all the same and we are there for each other. It doesn’t hurt to help, even the smallest gesture like a smile can make somebody’s day.

We have decided to support the people here in Gambia that make a big difference. The people that gave up their easy lives, left their house and family behind. We are donating the earnings from ‘All The People’ to the health center and elementary school in Berrending, Gambia. It’s the least that we can do.


  1. are geniuses! that emotion that I have for this video. Africa is the best. in spite of the poverty there. the people are of the most good.

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