So here it is, we are beyond proud to present to you the official video of our new single All The People.

The video was shot in Gambia, Africa and we decided that all the song’s iTunes proceeds will go to the health centre and elementary school in Berrending in Gambia. More information here:
Download ‘All The People’ on iTunes HERE.

Obviously we’d like to create a big buzz to raise as much money for Berending as possible. Sharing on facebook, retweeting, blogging, etc is much much appreciated (see the facebook en twitter icons below). We also made a short documentary about the school and health centre, watch it here.

Thanks so much for your help and support and till we meet again!

With love,
Robin, Hubrecht, Laurens, Tom and Jordy


  1. Will the single also be available as seperate download, because I already bought Illuminate on iTunes at release. I can only download ‘All The People’ for free now, but I would like to pay for it ;)

  2. @Hubrecht
    Yes, you’ve got it. I sent you an email to explain the situation a week ago, and in it I also told how much I love the band. Now some Chinese fans are still waiting… And I’m one of them, so I want to communicate with you. (If there’s any mistake in my comment, let my love of you correct it.)

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