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It’s weird how much can change in a day. The 27th of July we went to see our friends from the Hot Stewards play their last show ever. The show was awesome and everybody was ready for the afterparty. Unfortunately I never made it to the afterparty.
I went to get some booze. On my way home, in front of my house actually, I ran into somebody who was having a really loud conversation on the phone. I asked him nicely if he could turn it down because of the neighbors but I shouldn’t have done that. He knocked me out cold. Next thing I know I’m in a hospital getting stitched up.
Now, 3,5 weeks later, I’m almost fully recovered. My right eye is still a bit smaller but it’s gonna take some months before that’s normal again.
I’d like to thank everybody for the messages I received in the past weeks. It really helped me. I can’t wait until we go back out there to see you all again!


P.S. If you’re curious how bad it looked…
@TomDestine: Clockwise from topleft: From being beaten up (WARNING: BLOODY!) to how I’m now (and what my girl thinks of the new me)

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