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To all of our UK friends! July 9th we will release the song ‘Wait Forever’ as an exclusive single for the UK. In anticipation of the official release, the video will be exclusively on Scuzz TV and Kerrang TV, where it’s currently video of the week!

If you’re from the UK you can help us out big time by requesting the song or video on radio or TV. You can request the song on Kerrang TV by tweeting @KerrangTV or through their website. Request ‘Wait Forever’ on Scuzz TV by tweeting @ScuzzTV or on their Tumblr.

Thanks so much for your support and hope to see you at our show in London next Friday!

Friday July 6th London, Scala – Face Down

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So here it is, we are beyond proud to present to you the official video of our new single All The People.

The video was shot in Gambia, Africa and we decided that all the song’s iTunes proceeds will go to the health centre and elementary school in Berrending in Gambia. More information here:
Download ‘All The People’ on iTunes HERE.

Obviously we’d like to create a big buzz to raise as much money for Berending as possible. Sharing on facebook, retweeting, blogging, etc is much much appreciated (see the facebook en twitter icons below). We also made a short documentary about the school and health centre, watch it here.

Thanks so much for your help and support and till we meet again!

With love,
Robin, Hubrecht, Laurens, Tom and Jordy

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Now that our new album Illuminate is released about 2 weeks ago, we got a lot of nice press coverage in. Really good to know that people like the album a lot, care about our music and/or take the time to write something cool. If you’re interested in what everybody’s saying, read below.

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IndevotionWe’re really stoked to tell you that the second support act on the ‘ILLUMINATE’ release show will be Indevotion from Sweden.

The five of us have been listening to Indevotion’s EP a lot the last few months: the songs are amazingly good. It’s safe to say that they are one of the best new bands from Europe and you will especially love them if you dig bands like Paramore and Anberlin.

Check out Indevotion on Spotify or Facebook.

The time schedule for the album release show will be:

Doors 19:30
Indevotion 20:00 – 20:25
Mary Has A Gun 20:40 – 21:05
Destine 21:25 – 22:45
End of show 22:45

You can buy your tickets for the show HERE.

Destine ‘Illuminate’ release show
Date: Friday, April 6th
Venue: Melkweg, Amsterdam (NL)
Supports: Mary Has A Gun (FR), Indevotion (SWE)

All the best,

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Four Leaf Clover

Here it comes, sinking in, building up inside of me
I’m holding on to the things that I wish that I could be
But I’m tired of running, standing still
Oh if I could learn to close my eyes maybe this could be real

I need a little bit o’ luck tonight before I burn out
Or take a minute when it all comes down and hear my heart die out
Just a little bit too much tonight before our time is through
I need a little bit o’ luck tonight from you

Ever stronger than before, feel it weakening my knees
And I run, I’m longing for all the things that I can’t reach
As I find what isn’t there, oh unclarity it makes me blind
I wish I’d read between the lines

Uncertainty, or is it me
All I can see, oh it’s a masterpiece
Anxiety, it’s weakening me
All that I see, oh it’s a masterpiece
I see you in my marrow

Like what you hear? You can pre-order the album here.
Buy tickets for the release show on April 6 in Amsterdam here.

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Destine MelkwegApril 6th we’ll release our brand new album Illuminate, in one of Holland’s coolest venues: Melkweg in Amsterdam. The first support act, Mary Has A Gun from France, is confirmed and we’re looking forward to share the stage with them.

We still remember vividly how it is to dream of ever getting the chance to play a venue like this, and that’s why we want to give a third band the chance to play that night too. Besides that, we really want to know from our audience what band they would like to see, so we’ll give everybody the chance to cast your votes.

Are you in a band and you want to play as our support act on April 6? Send your band name, a band photo and a YouTube link of your best song to Send it in before March 8th. After that, people can ‘Like’ the band they want to win.

If you’re not in a band, feel free to tell bands you like about this! We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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After 2 years of putting our hearts and souls in creating a mindblowing second album, we are insanely relieved to tell you that our new album will be called

and will come out next month! When we started writing the album we we could have never hoped for an album like this and we hope you will feel the same. Like the first album, Illuminate was recorded in Florida by James Paul Wisner, and this time around some songs were mixed by David Bendeth (Paramore, All Time Low, Papa Roach).

Destine - Illuminate album cover

Release dates
You can read the story about how the album was written here.

Please spread the word by sharing this through Facebook or Twitter. Thank you so much, your support means the world to us!

Buy your tickets for the ‘Illuminate’ album release show on April 6 in Amsterdam here.

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We’re happy to announce that the main support for our release show in Melkweg Amsterdam on April 6 will be one of France’s best upcoming rock bands: Mary Has A Gun.

Definitely be sure to check out their music video for the song “Easy Way”:

Say hi and add them on Facebook here.

Tickets for the show are on sale here.
Can’t wait to see you all April 6th at the Melkweg in Amsterdam to celebrate the release of the new album!

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So it’s a hot winter morning in Florida and I’m hanging out at the motel pool. It makes me think that when I’m away from home for a long time I always tend to contemplate everything we’re doing and I usually start to see things in a different light.

When our first album Lightspeed got released I felt a huge sense of accomplishment: I wrote at least 25 songs for it and after all the knitpicking and hard work, we created an album that I’m to this day still extremely proud of. Every single note is a result of putting heart and soul in it and it’s an indescribable feeling whenever people experience the same when they listen to it.

Lightspeed did amazing things for us: we toured more than 15 different countries, went to China, Japan, Indonesia, heard our own music on the radio and tv, sold out shows, toured with some of our childhood heroes, did Holland’s two most wellknown festivals… It felt like all of the dreams I had as a kid came true in a split-second and I’ll forever tell everyone how grateful I am.

Then the moment when you start writing the second album and realize it should actually be at least as good (or better) than the first one. It is widely known by everybody in the music business and it can paralyze you if you find yourself thinking too much about it. Lots of bands and artists have choked on it.

I started writing again and compared every new idea to our older songs; it’s easy to throw away a song if it seems not good enough. I actually didn’t necessarily feel other people’s pressure so much, but just felt the bar that I raised a little higher for myself. For example, I wanted every single melody to be really strong, emotional and memorable. And every lyric to be clear but still intriguing.

In the whole process I’ve been at places where I cursed my own perfectionism and self-discipline. There were weeks when I was working like a mad professor, trying out a million things and actually not seeing any other people for a long time. There are days when creativity doesn’t give you what you’re hoping for, and all the while you see the clock ticking towards a deadline.

Imagine how big of a relief it is when pieces finally fall into place and I actually started finishing songs that I thought were very good. I listened to it a hundred times in a row, raised my hands up in the air and even shed some tears at times when my own words cut through me like a knife.

Sometimes words and melodies form in your mind and they can end up being decent; at other times things seem to form in your subconscience and they can end up great. But when every bone in your body immediately tells you that it’s not good but great, to me that’s magical.

On the moment I’m writing this we finished recording the whole second album and only have 3 days of mixing left in Plush Studios in Orlando. Our amazing producer James Paul Wisner once again proved that there’s noone in the world that understands our music like he does. Recording the first album I learned so much of him: I spent every second looking over his shoulder and I can tell that it shows in our new songs.

There’s no feeling like the one that says: mission complete. The album comes out April 6th. It would mean a lot if you’d purchase it and you’d feel a part of the excitement that I do now.

See you soon!